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What if we could understand safety in our communities?
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We're building a product to address one of the biggest problems in Latin America

In Latin America, crime and violence are pressing issues but not enough work has been done towards developing high-quality technical products that understand risk patterns and can help plan accordingly.

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Tierra is the first analytical platform devoted to combining governmental and corporate data to understand and assess crime and violence in Latin America.

Large scale data

We've built an analysis-friendly development architecture to help us process large, complicated data sets and turn them into useful insights to better understand any location. We are working towards developing predictive models that will augment our scoring to fully map crime and violence and its impact.

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About us

We are an experienced, multinational, and interdisciplinary group. We seek to understand and derive solutions to the prevalence of crime and violence in Latin America. Our engineering team, based in San Francisco, has helped grow some of the world’s most revolutionary, innovative companies – including Twitter, Google, Stripe, Kayak, and AirBnb – and is now focused on developing talent in Mexico.

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